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Its time to change up the website submit your photos of you and your machines at the park best photo gets the home page others will be featured on a new pictures page, we will vote on best photo at September meeting.
The new Parking lot is open to parking please allow a lane to drive around see signs posted.



     The Lakeview Off Road Riders are a non Profit group of off road enthusiasts that enjoy the sport of off road riding. We welcome everyone with a positive outlook for off road riding to join our club and donate in anyway they see fit.   Our club maintains a 147 acre off road park near Solon, formerly refered to as 600 Acres, now named Lakeview OHV. The property is leased to the State of Iowa (DNR), and owned by The Army Corps Of Engineers. The park has 2 motocross tracks, 2 childrens areas for 100cc and under machines, and a new for 2014 pit bike track designed by Frenchy, it has been very popular. There is also a mixture of wooded and open trails. The soil is challenging and can go from deep mud to dry hard packed clay to deep soft sand all on the same trail.
We have marked trees in our park as locaters for emt's if you are out and about watch for the stripes on the tree's it will help the medics find you if you go down and need help. The sherriffs dept. and local first respondrs have a copy of our map of the colored trees. We will soon be posting a large scale map on our bathroom area.

To ride at our park you must have an Iowa titled and currently registered ORV, this can be done at your local county recorder.
If you are registering your machine for the first time, are transferring a registration, or are obtaining a user permit for an ORV for the first time, and are a resident, you must go to the county recorder in the county of your residence. 

Iowa nonresident user permits may be purchased at an ELSI II vendor who is a decal agent or a County Recorder's Office.  Any Walmart can get you one or Guppys on the Go at the Shueyville Exit off I380 or follow this link to find your nearest ELSI II vendor

Here is a link to the DNR page for registering a non registered ORV


Thanks so much to Polaris for selecting our club for
their 2011 T.R.A.I.L.S fund grant. Our club was awarded $10,000
 to improve our trail systems and make them more side by side friendly.

T. = Trail Development
R. = Responsible Riding
A. = Access                
I. = Iniatives               
L. = Lobbying            
S. = Safety                  


       Click on the above picture for a map to the park.        Click on the above picture to view lake levels

Our Club meetings are on the first Monday of the Month at Shuey's in Shueyville, just off 380 South of Cedar Rapids @ 6:30 pm. Weather permitting in the warm Months we will host our meetings at the park. Everyone is welcome to bring friends and family.

Our goal is to maintain a safe, fun and clean off road riding area at  Lakeview OHV Park, and to work with the State and Federal Government, to continue to improve the park, using Federal and State grants and donations from members and sponsors of the sport. Our club could use your help to continue maintaining the existing trails and tracks while looking for new ideas to improve our park.

Contact the club:

Lakeview Off Road Riders
1198 Mill St, NE
Shueyville, IA 52338

Marck Dudrey
Club President

Terry French
Vice President

Rick Ness


Jim Neff

Park Info
John Stratton





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